Friday, 1 June 2012

°°°°°°°The MulTi PoKEt GileT BAg°°°°°°°

I was in Tokio, was the 2009, and I found this unisex bag! I loved it!!I still wear it!! maybe to much but great!!

made me feel like in a Blade Runner set…ready to go everywhere..





Wednesday, 23 May 2012

xxx Marie de MonTreUiL ….cOOl FlEa MArkeT xxx


AT the end of April I spent one week in Paris.

Paris is always soo cool and crowded!!! that  amazing city makes me feel that every thing is possible.

I whent at Marie de Montreuil flea Market, I didn’t take my Iphone out from my pocket (appart those pics)-

That market is full of trash stuff useless, but in the other side, you never know wich is the next

object or item that you can find.

Friday, 4 May 2012

°°°°°COMME des GarçONs °° WhiTE DrAmA°°°°°°




°°°°°COMME des GarçONs °° WhiTE DrAmA°°°°°°

Collection Prêt-à-Porter printemps été 2012

Les Docks – cité de la Mode et du Design

Paris 13 avril – 7 octobre 2012

White bondage, la vie, la mort, la réflexion

Friday, 30 March 2012


foto I phone al 7-2-2012 969

foto I phone al 7-2-2012 970

foto I phone al 7-2-2012 971

I was in Shanghai, in Red Town, I saw a huge exibition of video and cinematic images. This video was projected in a white room

with white  pottery square divided by  black stripes. A chinese man face, with black stripes on top, was making expressions with full

comunicative message…of something that we do  in front of the mirror, studing and playing with body, face and soul.